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Digital Controlled Power Supply for SiPM

A7585 SiPM Power Module is a compact and integrated solution to provide stable and noiseless... view more..

A1515 Family
16/14 Channel 1-1.3kV (1 - 3 mA) Individual Floating  Boards for GEM detectors
A1515 Family

A1515 family are single width board (5 TE wide) that  house 14  (/A1515TG/A1515CG /A1515TGHP)... view more..

4 Channel Desktop HV Power Supply Family with Ethernet & USB

The DT55xxE is a new CAEN Power Supply Family providing 4 independent High Voltage... view more..

PCB High Voltage Power Supply​

The A750x is a new line of compact, high efficiency, low noise single channel High Voltage DC/DC... view more..

Desktop HV Power Supply Module

CAEN HiVolta (DT1415ET) is an 8 channel HV power supply with individual floating returns up to 5 kV... view more..

16 Channel 9 kV / 50 µA Common Floating Return Board

The power supply A1590 is a double width board (10 TE  wide) that houses  16  Independent... view more..

8/16 Channel 14-bit 250-500 MS/s Digitizer
725-730 Digitizer Families

The Perfec mix of sampling rate, resolution and channel density for the maximum flexibility...  view more..

Low noise fast current neutron flux preamplifiers

The A1427 Kit is a fast and low noise current preamplifier with AC coupled input...  view more..

16 Channel Programmable Spectroscopy Amplifier and CFD

The N1068 is a 16 channel Programmable Spectroscopy Amplifier with Time Filter, 30% Constant... view more..

4 Channel 200 MHz Constant Fraction Discriminator

The N605 houses four independent 20% Constant Fraction Discriminators (CFD) in 1-unit wide NIM... view more..

Desktop Dual Timer

DT993 is a Desktop module housing two identical triggered pulse generators... 

view more..

Fast Digital Detector Emulator

The DT5810B is the model of the Detector Emulator family with the fastest signal output... view more..

Active, stand-alone, fully featured MCA tube base for scintillation spectroscopy
Gamma stream

γ stream is an active MCA integrated in a 14-pin PMT base for gamma-ray spectroscopy with... view more..

Dual Independent 32k Digital MCA with HV & Preamplifier Power Supply

Hexagon is a compact, stand-alone dual digital 32k MCA, available in desktop form factor.... view more..

Dual Independent 32k Digital MCA with HV & Preamplifier Power Supply

The A2795 is a readout board, ideally suited for liquid Argon TPC (Time Projection Chamber)... view more..

32 Channel Silicon Photomultipliers Readout Front-End Board
A1702 - DT5702

The A1702 Front-End Board is a custom design developed by the Albert Einstein Center for... view more..

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LYSO Scintillator
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